How do you prevent a customised watch from damage?

Usually, customised watches have cases to keep them from damage. Keeping the watch in its casing is not enough to protect it from damage. Owning and wearing a customised expensive watch comes with a responsibility. 

Unfortunately, many people have lost their customised watches because of the simple mistakes that will be shared here. Read and learn more about how to protect your customised watches from damage.

Don’t wind the watch when it’s on your wrist

Many people wind their watches when they are wearing them. There is often more tension when you wind the watch while wearing it. Winding a manual watch is even worse, but most give a noticeable resistance. Remove the turn and turn the crown instead. 

Be wary of magnetism

Even though some brands have addressed the issue of magnetism, many mechanical watches are vulnerable to it. Usually, the alloys used to build a mechanical watch are affected by magnetism. One thing that magnetism does to watches is disrupt their accuracy.

Use common sense

Many people always want to put their watch to the test because of its customised features. Exposing your watch to high and low temperatures can damage your watch, no matter the features. Taking your watch into the water when it has not been tested is wrong. 


Customised watches are expensive, so caring for them will be ideal. Carefully place the watch in its box when you are not wearing it. Avoid unnecessary exposure of the watch to water, even if it’s water-resistant. 

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